MathZone Update Repository

Current running version:
Updated on: Available on 2020-02-11

Change log

Available on 2020-02-11
-Moved everything to Dot Net 4
Dot Net 4 installer included for XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
-Upgraded video player to support Dot Net 4
-All videos recoded to MPEG layer 2
-Intergrated new audio library for Dot Net 4
-Added win32 setup program to run on all versions of Windows to check Dot Net version.
-Fixed translation issue in Gr3 Addition Programmatic Worksheets
-Fixed translation in Gr3 Addition - Breaking down of numbers
-Fixed Gr3 Breaking Down of Numbers, Not accepting correct answer
- Gr3 Breaking down of numbers showed T+U instead of H+T+U

-Gr 3 changing "Breaking down method" to allow borrowing
-Gr 2 fixed a bug in "Money sums" where a wrong sing(+ or -)
was displayed for a sum in the explination.
-Fixed issue with Gr 2 Wordsums not accepting correct answer.
-Fixed issue with Gr 3 Wordsums not accepting correct answer.
-Updated the installer to provide a once off option to install the MathZone Launcher
or not before the installation starts. The Launcher will also auto update if it detects an older version
-Update the MathZone Launcher to have a link to our Facebook page, the support email
and the Upgrade link
-Fixed a bug with in all programs where the program could potentially crash. This was due to double clicking.
All standard buttons were replaced. Double Clicking event is no longer available.
-Gr 2 "not available" screen caused a block in the activities. This has been removed.
-Gr 5 - 7, problem with the help aid Get Lowest Common Denominator throwing an error when you click in a text box.
-Fixed potential problem where Programatic Worksheets do not display. Only affected Gr 1 to 3
-Performance tweek for Programatic Worksheets, they load a little faster now.
-Fixed Lock up issue in all programs... Originally, launching a program example gr 3,
the program would check for other instances. If any was found, it would not open. This made it impossible to launch
the program twice. Should the program close incorrectly, that would leave an invisible instance in memory making
that you can not launch the program until you force the instance closed or reboot the computer.
It now works, if the program finds another instance, that instance will be terminated and the new program launched.

-Updated Registration screen to only activate products that are installed.
-RZone, fixed ambiguity with some pictures in "Friends of 4"
-Gr3 Added Programatic
Addition-Mental Maths
Addition-Addon Method
Addition-Breaking Down of Numbers
Place values
Multiplication tables
-MathZone grade 1 bug with "Addition with pictures" fixed. Pictures shows agian.
-MathZone grade 7 new section "Theory" added. Still going to add more.

-Fixed translation issues for Programatics in Gr1
-Fixed spacing issue in Gr2 Programatics Number Sense
-Updated the Registrations screen.. Users now need to select software from a list.
-Reworked the User Interface in ALL programs.
-Spelling Zee has been renamed to Wow Zone
-Fixed a spelling mistake on the "Who are you/Wie is jy" screen

-fixed Missing k-lite pre-config pack.
-Fixed issue with gr2 Fraction videos not playing during excercise.
-Fixed Translation issue in gr2 Money sums.
-Fixed Money value not showing in gr2 money sums

-Fixed issue in installer. - on some computers causing an issue with copying over the activation video guides

-Fixed RZone- Sense.
-Fixed spelling mistake on GR1 and 2 Diagnostics.
-Fixed Spelling mistake in gr5 "Franctions with whole numbers"
-Fixed translation in gr5 "Number patterns"
-Changed the Registration screen. Users now select all the products they wish to activate and get a single code
-Fixed issue in gr1 Diagnostics
-Fixed gr2 Number Sense Dynamic worksheet translation
-Changed the Single-Installer, to open the main screen to give the user the option to install k-lite.
-Change the "red button" to a flashing "red button" for k-lite. This draws attention to it.

Fixed issue in Gr2 Number Concepts where all the controls display at the same time. Making it impossible to give the correct answer.
Fixed translation issues in gr1 wordsums.
Fixed calculator positioning in gr1 wordsums.

Fixed issue with Diagnostic in gr1, 2 and 3.

Added programatic worksheets in various sections for Gr1 and gr2.

Various bug fixes with gr1 and 2

Updated 2018-10-18
-Fixed a bug in the mzPlayer that would give an error on the registration screen.
-Fixed "missing MathZone.Humour.dll" for RZone, SpellingZee and both SpellZones
-Added Programatic worksheets for Gr1 Addition and Subtraction

-Fixed a bug in gr4 where the buttons aren't visible in "Ordinal Numbers"
-Reworked the "Money" Activity for gr2. It has been completely changed.
-Fixed issues where some of the videos in gr 2 weren't playing.
-Removed the Media Player. It used the "Windows Media Player" control which isn't included in Windows N versions.
The new player uses DirectX instead.

-Added log for audio. Stating a reason WHY sound can't play.
This will happen if the system doesn't know how to handle an MP3 file
-Removed the default parental password. Now when the password isn't set, the program will prompt for input
-Fixed an issue with Gr4 Subtraction-Breaking down of numbers where the program keeps marking the answer as incorrect.
-Fixed questions being "echoed" in SpelZone Afrikaans and SpellZone English
-Fixed problem with gr5,6 and 7 where the mark button goes inactive if the answer given was incorrect.
-Fixed error on "Exponents" activity in gr 5,6 and 7
-Added a "wait screen" for gr 5-7 when an activity is closed
(this will be added to the other grades at a later stage)

-Re-introduced Vertical Addition and Subtraction in gr3. With added text stating it is not part of CAPS. By default it is also not part of "Take a Test", unless you choose that it must be.
-Fixed an issue with the messages stating "correct" or "wrong" where they sometimes clump up on the left.
-Fixed a problem in SpellZone Afrikaans and English where a question is asked twice.

-Removed Vertical addition and subtraction from gr2 and 3
as per request from Education department.
-Fixed percentage counter issue in gr1. It only started counting percentages after the 3rd question.

-Made that only one copy of a program can open at a time.
This solves the double clicking issue from the launcher
-Fixed issue in gr2 NumberConcepts and NumberSense with Media and Workshop Tasks.
-Fixed toolbar positioning for WorkshopTasks.